According to Matsui Rena, Kinoshita is the fashion leader in SKE48. “First of all, Yukko has good features. (t/n: as in her facial features) Today, she also wear short pants, and a very high heels. When we reached Tokyo station, I don’t think that she looks like Nagoya-jin at all. Instead, she looks like a celeb.” (t/n: Probably what Rena means Yukko fashion sense unlike a typical Nagoya-jin outfit, and makes her blend well among the people from Tokyo, no one will think that she is from Nagoya.) 

When Kinoshita appear on the stage, everyone is screaming at her and says she is cute, especially among the girls/ladies.

Kinoshita, who is a regular reader of ViVi fashion magazines and loves Fujii Lena very much said that she is very happy because she gets to appear on the same stage with the model that she admire. (t/n: Fujii Lena is a regular top print model for ViVi fashion magazines.)

translated by : lowwh88

Source: nikkansports



The interview took place a few days before Rena appeared for the first time as a Nogizaka46 member. Explains her relation with Miona, why she performed in her position for Kizuitara Kataomoi during the mini-live and how she sees this concurrency.

Miona sounds like such a good girl (o°^°)b


Two years after they first shake hands, the wheel of fate starts moving once again. Here is the private interview between SKE48 Matsui Rena (22) whose concurrency with Nogizaka46 has been announced last February at the occasion of the 「AKB48 Group Grand Shuffle Festival」 and the same Nogizaka46 aspiring center, 2nd generation Hori Miona (17). For her 1st apparition in front of fans on April 13th, Rena-san’s position, usually Hori-chan’s one, was arranged by none other than herself.

Q - I see Rena-san is wearing Nogizaka46 uniform…
Rena - It’s the first time. I’m a bit nervous.
Hori - Waaaa~ *clapping with a smile*
Rena - I had not met with Hori-chan since last December when we went to Disneyland together. I had a day off the following day and for once I wanted to go to Disney with someone, so I sent countless emails. And then Hori-chan…
Hori - Yes, me! I’m going with you.
Rena - That’s the reply she sent me.(laugh) We had been introduced by Ikoma-chan in October during「Music Japan」recording, where we exchanged contacts.

Q - How was your Disney date?
Together - It was hella fun!
Hori - I wasn’t nervous even though it was only the two of us, rather, I felt we were similar. Being with her, I feel extremely at ease.
Rena - Hmm. It’s like we are on the same wavelength.
Hori - Like in Cinderella’s castle.
Rena - Oh right, right. We took pictures of each other, sat in the throne, tried the glass shoes…. We spent a good 30 or 40 minutes in, right?
Hori - I was jumping everywhere like an excited little kid. (laugh)

Q - Sounds like you’re getting along greatly. How did you react when you heard that this same Rena-san would be in concurrent position in Nogizaka46?
Hori - I would have never thought that one day we would be working together in the same group. I was probably the most astonished person by the news in the entire world. (laugh) Couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to my beloved Ikoma-san and beloved Rena-san, both becoming exchange students… But now I want to be positive and I hope it will be a plus for everyone.

Q - What does Rena-san thinks of what she has seen of Nogizaka46 so far?
Rena - To start, everyone is really pretty…
Hori - No, no, you’re exaggerating.
Rena - Their costumes are cute and they have a lot of good songs. Nogizaka46 strikes me as a group of cute idols when I see their close-ups on TV. When you perform, there is a center and front members, right? Well there, when the camera focuses behind them and captures the girls behind, you see how everyone is really just as cute! In SKE48 we put the emphasis on the sprightly aspect of our performances, above cuteness, so both are well distinct styles.
Hori - You’re faltering us~ But it’s true that when I joined, seeing how pretty all my seniors were  it made me feel I had to polish my own look.
Rena - Also, eeeeeveryone is slander. Their legs are thin, so beautiful. And everyone, starting with (Shiraishi) Mai-chan, dress smartly… Ah, it’s not a reproach toward SKE48, I didn’t mean it that way. *wry smile*
Hori - In Nogizaka46 too there are members with a rather unique fashion sense though. (laugh)

Q - Knowing that you’re currently studying about Nogizaka46 music and members, do you have a favorite song yet?
Rena - 「Seifuku no Mannequin」. I love sailor uniforms and the moves during the refrain piqued my interest 「They were wearing their uniforms so gracefully and suddenly they’re sitting cross legged~」. It gave me goosebumps
We were all dancing it in SKE48 dressing room when it was released. Airin (Furukawa Airi) loves Nogizaka46 so we often watch their MV together. I also watch every episode of the group main show 「Nogizaka tte, doko?」.

Q - Any member piqued your curiosity?
Rena - Wada (Maaya)-chan and Ashurin (Saitou Asuka). I noticed Ashurin because of herlong braids during lives and thought she was absolutely adorable. Wada-chan seems to be loved by everyone and when I heard she came alone from Hiroshima, it made me like her even more… But Hori-chan is my number one.
Hori - Ehhh~?! That makes me really happy. Wh-What should I do? *putting her hands on her cheeks while fidgeting on her chair*
Rena - Ahhh, so cute. (laugh)

Q - In 3 days you will present yourself as「Nogizaka46 . Matsui Rena」to fans for the first time at the occasion of Nogizaka46 handshake event. How do you feel about it? (interview conducted on April 10th)
Rena - I knew I’d perform 「Kizuitara Kataomoi」with everyone, but the position has only been decided today. The very left end of the front row, which is actually…
Hori - In fact I was the one who made the request to the staff, I told them 「I want  Rena-san to perform in my position」.
Rena - *bringing her hands to her face, round eyes filled with joy*
Hori - *fufufu* I’ll leave my position in your care. Since this is your first time performing in Nogizaka46, it is necessary that you dance someone else part, right? I don’t simply accept you as one of us, by giving you my position I somehow get to support you in my own way. Plus (rear line) Kawago Hina-san will be absent because of school so we’ll still get to dance together…
Rena - Ehh…?! I’m so happy. I’ll make sure to give my best. I received the video for the choreography some time ago and told myself I should remember all the positions, but my eyes were always drifting toward Hori-chan’s position! Ah, it must be fate!
Hori - *fufufu* *clapping with a bright smile*

(tln : fans at the handshake event that day reported that Rena slightly bowed her head to Hori as in a “sorry” sign when they were getting in formation, thanking her to letting her dance at her position)

Q - Let’s tie the knot of the string of destiny between you two with a handshake then.
Hori - *growing red* Uwaaa~

Q - Hori-san, I heard that before joining Nogizaka46 you went to SKE48 handshake event and lined-up to Rena-san’s lane. Is that correct?
Hori - It is. I was in middle school then. I went to 「Okidoki」national handshake event and was about the 5th in the lane since girls can pass first. I was so happy 「Ohhh, it’s the real Rena-san!」. Rena-san was my first and the only idol I ever shook hands with. So it’s unbelievable for me that things turn the way they did. It has to be destiny.
Rena - Uwaaa~ To think you remember this passage so clearly… Might be wise to revise your sensitivity to life happenings in the future (laugh).

Q - When Rena-san’s concurrent position was announced pros and cons were vividly exchanged and among members too we could hear comments such as 「When we went so far as Nogizaka46 by ourselves」…
Rena - I think it was unavoidable that there would be all kind of reactions. It was the similar when the kennin system was introduced in the 48 group, the same opinions were expressed then. Members love their groups and they hold a certain pride in having build and establish it. That’s why I understand members were expressing their attachment to their group and it’s only natural for fans to feel the same way. Upon seeing this, I thought that not only did I want to be accepted in, but also approved of.
Hori - And me, I want to support Rena-san. I probably won’t be able to do much, but even if it’s not much, I want to be of assistance.
Rena - Hori-chan… Having you by my side is enough to make me at ease. *smile* I’ve just joined and I don’t know how things will unfold nor what’s expected from me, but after taking part to the handshake event mini-live and since it was decided that I would attend 「The 16 people’s Principal」 performances, I want to appear more in front of fans and let them see what I can do.

Q - The event announcing the outcome of AKB48 General Elections will take place during the 「Principal」too.
Rena - With my concurrency, I hope that fans of SKE48 and Nogizaka46 will learn about each other’s group and grow to like them both. When the results will be out, I want to take them with me then consider what I can do for Nogizaka46.

Q - Ikoma-san who is in concurrency with AKB48 is also running for the elections
Rena - I’m a bit concerned, to be honest. After several years in 48 Group we more or less know where we stand, but for Ikoma-chan who just joined facing the elections right away must be quite frightening.
Hori - I’m slightly worried too. If that were possible, I would vote massively for Ikoma-san and Rena-san but well… Ah! That reminds me! I did vote for Rena-san in the past. At the time of 「Manatsu no Sounds Good!」.
Rena - Ehhhh?! You went as far as voting… Makes me really happy. *taking her cheeks into her hands one more time* Thank you very much.
Hori - This time I will cast one vote for Ikoma-san and another for Rena-san.
Rena - I’m really being supported , am I not~ I’ll do my best.
Hori - I want Rena-san to progressively change Nogizaka46. You’re by far our sempai so you must know a lot, also things you’ve noticed or felt, I want you to share aplenty with us. Preserving Nogozika46’s uniqueness, I want us to reach one step higher.
Rena - Being the last junior, I need first to properly learn about Nogizaka46, that done I’ll work as to, in my own way, leave a trace to make my addition to the group meaningful. Since the concurrent position was announced, Nogizaka46 fans have been coming to handshake events to teach me about the group. I’m used to refer to you as 「Hori-chan」 but fans are like 「My Miona—-」 or 「You know my Miona is—-」. (laugh)
Hori - Ehhh~?! By all means, please call me Miona too!
Rena - Ehh? Is that ok? Ahh, I’m so lucky!