Wednesday, April 9th 2014 18:46


I want to wear a suit.
One with super tight purple stripes.

…that’s what just crossed my mind.
As I was watching Hoozuki no Reitestu while my make-up artist was preparing me, she laughed all along the episode.
Seems like it was totally the kind of humor she digs.
Good good. (laugh)

We probably looked like 2 madmen as we kept singing the Hell song all day long. (laugh)

Since I started using Twitter I realized there were things that I thought were obvious but actually aren’t for everyone.
Like people who want to come to handshake events but don’t know how to apply, there are also those confused by the agenda and don’t know when events will take place.

It made me think about how important it was to properly inform fans of when things go on sale.
…and so I’m starting a new serialization in TVBros with this week issue.
Advertising complete♪
I’m talking about idols this time.

Posted because I’m just watching Hozuki and I’m crazy about the opening too & because…. DEMN SMEXY SUIT RENA! *cof*